EKOMINI is a the first web-based and interactive moneybox in the world Take a tour of Ekomini's web-based and interactive way of learning how to save, invest and share money Everything kids should know about money. The Ekomini way. A web-based edutainment platform. Educational games for kids with a real-time connection to the Ekomini moneybox A secure portal where parents can follow their child’s financial education progress Enhance your children's language, mathematical and deductive skills. EKOMINI is a company devoted to the development of fun, entertaining and interactive learning solutions for children.

Why teach kids about money?

"You need practice. And the younger you start, the easier it is to save." TD Canada Trust

"For every dollar after tax, Canadians have on average $1.29 in debt." Statistics Canada, Bank of Canada

"Young adults are vulnerable and enter adulthood with significant debt (credit and academic) and a trivial approach to credit." Marie J. Lachance, Université Laval 2008



Everything kids should know about money ...

Ekomini is a fun and exciting way to learn about saving money.

Children see how much money they save and learn basic money skills, money management, personal finance, and other important life skills though a variety of fun, interactive games and activities designed by a team of dedicated educators.

The sooner, the better

It’s amazing how much money passes through our kids’ hands these days. And it seems that allowances and cash gifts start at an ever younger age.

The earlier kids learn about money, including earning money, saving money, and spending money responsibly, the better prepared they will be to manage their own money later in life.

Ekomini helps kids put money away and shows them how to use it intelligently. They discover the value of money, how it’s used and why they should save.
Learning to save is as important a skill as reading, writing and arithmetic.

Helping parents teach their kids

Ekomini helps parents teach kids about money. Parents accompany their kids in setting up their account, and exploring and playing with the interactive games.

Parents have a secure, personalised portal where they can follow their child’s financial education progress.


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Saving money gives kids an incredible sense of freedom, recognition and responsibility. It’s a model for financial independence and teaches them good work ethic and spending habits.
Kids that have learned to save know the value of money, of what it can do, and of setting goals and achieving them.

As they learn the meaning of money they also discover how important it is to share and donate to causes they believe in.

These gradual steps eventually lead them in learning the rudiments of investing.

Every step of the way, Ekomini engages kids through fun interactive games.


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Saving money and sharing money is at the heart of EKOMINI® principles of financial education. Children are invited to choose a cause and support it.

As children learn the meaning of money they also discover how important it is to share and donate to causes they believe in.

Teaching them to evaluate which causes are worthy, and to balance giving with saving and spending is more valuable than simply telling them that they should be generous without providing any guidance.

The Ekomini platform lets kids choose a cause they believe in.

Let children decide how to spend the “for others” money, as long as they don’t spend it on themselves.


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We live in a world where we are constantly urged to buy, a world where nothing waits and where instant gratification is the new mantra.

With Ekomini, children learn that money does not grow on trees and that it is earned. They learn to plan for a purchase by establishing goals and doing tasks to reach those goals.

They are taught to shop and compare to get the most for their money.

Learning to buy is just as important as saving.


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The notion of investment is not one that comes naturally when teaching kids about money.

Ekomini introduces children to the concept of getting a return on the money they save.

Opening a bank account with your child can be a valuable learning experience. Watching a bank balance grow promotes a positive attitude to saving and helps children grasp the basics of learning to invest and earning interest.


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Videos and computer games can help teach kids how to build successful futures. Based on this emerging education paradigm, Ekomini captures the attention of children and draws them into a captivating interactive experience.

Learn more about how interactive games can help our children learn : http://epistemicgames.org/eg