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The world's first and interactive,
web-enabled piggybank.

It features an online edutainment platform that helps children learn
what they should know about money in a fun way

Ekomini proven advantages for your financial institution:

Ekomini PiggyBank

Ekomini's piggy bank is an easy to install tool that provides a proven turn-key guide to parents on how to teach their children, in a fun way, the fundamentals of financial literacy and money management.

Combine Ekomini financial literacy products in your campaign; it's the perfect promotional gift for a kid's bank account opening.

Let us work together and provide our children a necessary knowledge.

Philippe Racine Founder and CSO Ekomini INC

Ekomini Inc, Montreal Canada

Customers and Testimonials:

"The Ekomini money bank attracts considerable attention from the basic idea, of educating our children about money in a fun way. In addition, National Bank was able to personalize the design of the money bank to conform to its brand. We have been associated with Ekomini for the last 3 years and to date have distributed close to 8500 money bank units"

Stephanie Plessis-Belair
Project Manager, Brand Management, National Bank of Canada

"Learning about money is a gift of a lifetime as much as reading, writing and counting."

Dr Daniel Racine, Ph. D.

"I love Ekomini what an amazing and useful gift for Christmas!! A really good idea and many cool features, excellent!"

Dan Brixton -Dallas/Texas

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